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Canada to Panama
(15 September 2014 - 20 October 2014)
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Around the world 2014→2015

Let's start this route starting from its origins. Those who have populated the Americas will almost certainly came from the Northwest through a strip of land which connected to Asia, probably tens of thousands of years ago. More or less from the same point (but coming from Hong Kong and not the Bering Strait) our adventure starts on American territory.


An all-female adventure (the team is composed of women) that from the Gulf of Alaska, through the extraordinary naturalistic landscapes of Canada, moves then far and wide, especially in the western part of the United States (in various States, including California, but coming to touch even, towards the East, the city of New Orleans).

The next step, left the United States, is leading the team to cross the Mexico, passing through the mountain range of the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental to the massif of southern Mexico, the territory of ancient Atzeca civilization. Characteristic of these mountainous areas is the presence, even at high altitudes, urban settlements formed by colonial towns, traditional little changed from recent architecture (Taxso, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico; Antigua in Guatemala), or from real metropolis like Mexico City. Then we pass the border again and enter, as the last stage, in Guatemala.

Around The World 2014→2015 supports the project "out of violence is possible, along with other women is easier" helping in fundraising through the purchase of part of the path with payments that that will be made directly to the bank account of Casa delle Donne without mediation. Our trip around the world can also be an opportunity for you.

Help us to help.

Casa delle Donne

Around The World 2014→2015
supports the campaign "get out of the violence is possible, along with other women is easier" ONLUS Association Casa delle Donne Brescia.


The Association of Casa delle Donne Brescia, founded by a group of women already active in the feminist movement, operates at Brescia from 1989 as NON-PROFIT voluntary Association, is registered at Regional and provincial Champions, joined the regional network of Anti-violence Centres and women's houses of Lombardy and is founding member of the national network of Anti-violence Centres D.i.Re.

The Association's activity is carried out by a group of women who offer their experience and expertise in supporting women who have undergone or being mobbed, stalking, harassment, violence, or temporary fix: women of every ethnicity, religion, culture, social background.

From 1989 to date have been received more than 5000 women in distress, with an increasing number of foreign women. In cultural terms, and prevention, the Association is committed to practice and promote respect for diversity; promotes training courses and refresher, collaborates with other agencies in the area. This free of charge and through self-financed.

The help of all and all is needed to ensure the continuity of the ordinary and extraordinary activities of the Association, funding also with this project an economic support for women victims of violence in serious condition of hardship and poverty, without any other help.

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