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Ethiopia to Italy
(20 March 2015 - 1 May 2015)
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Around the world 2014→2015

Our newest location is already traced on paper but remains a puzzle.
At least as regards the first part, which involves crossing today Countries in conflict or otherwise anything but assured in terms of social security. All North Africa remains an unknown quantity for the trip, but for now our way does not change.


From Addis Ababa share pointing northward. We will cross the Sudan and Egypt along the Nile to the delta (and not this stretch alone would be worth the risk of the entire trip?). Viriamo then westward along the Mediterranean coast, passing through Libya, Tunisia and Algeria, where, finally, early departure by in Spain.

From here onwards the journey does not say that becomes a trip, but almost. Go up the East coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the whole Costa Brava with Barcelona, and we cover the South of France, Cote d'Azur, before returning to Italy and conclude as well, returning to the starting point, our incredible journey Around the World.

Around The World 2014→2015 supports the project "Action woman" helping in fundraising through the purchase of part of the path with payments that will be made directly on the C/C to help Centro Aiuti per l'Etiopia, without mediation. Our trip around the world can also be an opportunity for you.

Help us to help.

Centro aiuti per l'Etiopia

Around The World 2014→2015
supports the campaign
“Women” proposed by Centro aiuti per l'Etiopia.


Heal a mother, suffering from uterine prolapse, making it possible to return to take care of their children in order to allow children to remain in their family of origin and avoid disperse on the roads.

The area of the Wollaita, where the Help Center for Ethiopia aims to develop the proposed project, is one of the areas in the SNNP region (Nations nationalities and peoples of the South). The main town around which the bulk of the activity is Hard (about 100,000 inhabitants), capital of the region. Located about 380 km south of Addis Ababa, is one of the few towns in the region has a good infrastructure system, connected to Addis Ababa by a paved road. Sodo has the only public hospital of Wollaita, structure built about 40 years ago and now absolutely insufficient to meet the needs of the population.

In the course of various meetings with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of women and children of the Wollaita, emerged from a side that this project is proving to be the most important project currently active cooperation in Ethiopia and the other ongoing activities are making clear a problem whose magnitude far remained submerged and unknown to the Ethiopian authorities.

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