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Panama to Bolivia
(25 October 2014 - 23 November 2014)
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Around the world 2014→2015

A challenging path, if only because of the number of countries and borders to be crossed: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia.


We are initially in the lands of the ancient Mayan civilization that after centuries of continuous development, from the 3rd to the 15th, within a few years was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors. Just this story to tell of a territory still tormented in his social status, but also unique from a geological point of view. This is an unstable area where the powerful movements of the Earth's crust caused and still cause profound underground cracks and continue seismic movements. Why are frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that have disastrous effects for the people and the economy.

Around The World 2014→2015 supports the project "yes, Travel. A Minibus to Buying "helping in fundraising through the purchase of part of the path with payments that will be made directly to the bank account of Amici della Zizzi, without mediation. Our trip around the world can also be an opportunity for you.

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Amici della Zizzi

Around The World 2014→2015
supports the campaign
“Yes, Travel. A Minibus to Buying” proposed by the Association Amici della Zizzi Onlus di Livorno.


The Association "Amici della Zizzi", born from the will of Riccardo to 21 years when he lost his mother- Zizzi was her nickname, looks after the 1987 children with social and family issues, currently welcoming a score between residential and day. There are so many daily necessities related to the care and growth of children: school, sport, leisure, food, clothing. One of the most important requirements is the purchase of a minibus 9 seater to transport the children.

In more than 26 years were cared for over 500 children with family problems related to child abuse, ill-treatment, failed adoptions, from all over Italy.

The Association is at the same time committed nationally to promote foster care and in trying to improve the law on custody, even stimulating the various public bodies to better implementation of the same.

To continue to receive the best many other children at risk, we need the help of everyone, from small daily needs for large projects.

And it is precisely in this perspective to give practical help to an increasing number of children, one of the most important and ambitious projects of our Association is the realization of "ZIZZI'S HOUSE" which foresees the construction of two houses for the reception of 16 children, a day care centre and a large national centre for the promotion and dissemination of foster care and adoption.

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