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Italy to Kazakhstan
(12 June 2014 - 15 July 2014)
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Around the world 2014→2015

Our adventure around the world starts looking at East, with an almost classic, epic itinerary, starting point of thousands tales and wonderful stories. A journey that renders up-to-date the ancient Silk Road, which crosses old Europe and former Soviet Union countries, passing through Iran. A geographical and historical journey at the same time, which arouses imagination and wonders, even if it’s made just on a map, travelling with imagination.

In a way we go on with our adventure from the point we left it, retracing backwards a path faced in 2009, coming back by motorcycle from India, and in the same direction, going East, in 2012, to reach Nepal.

We leave from Italy to come in contact with countries rich in history similar to ours, such as Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine. Then we go down towards Turkey, along the Black Sea, passing through Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. We cross Iran in the North, in the sites of the ancient Persian Empire, not far from the Caspian Sea which we run along northward, covering a nice piece of Turkmenistan ending to cross the whole Kazakhstan, from West to East, to Almaty, near the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Almaty has been the capital of Kazakhstan until 1998 but still remains the largest city in Kazakhstan and the largest hub in the country. The name "Almaty" means "the place with apples" in Kazakh. In the region surrounding the city the great diversity of wild apples (alma) suggests that our European Apple originates in South-Eastern Kazakhstan. If it’s true, then Newton and Apple are in debt with it…

Around The World 2014→2015 supports the "Eubiosia" project helping in fundraising through the purchase of part of the path with payments that will be made directly on the cash account of Fondazione ANT, with no mediation. Our trip around the world can also be an opportunity for you.

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Fondazione ANT

Around The World 2014→2015
supports the "Eubiosia" project
of Fondazione ANT.


To keep ensuring cancer patients free access to days of social and health home care, so that they can be assisted closed to their beloved. Fondazione ANT provides free home medical-nursing treatments and psychological support to people diagnosed with cancer, in the name of "Eubiosia" - from the Greek, good life - meaning a set of qualities that give dignity to life from the first to the last breath.

Since 1985 to this day Fondazione ANT has assisted 24/7 every year about 100,000 cancer patients. The people working for ANT are more than 400, and ANT is present with 20 Home Cancer Hospitals in 9 Italian regions. It provides a specialized assistance, carried out by professionals-doctors, nurses, psychologists, socio-health workers - who bring to patients’ domicile - over 4,000 people treated every day - health services equivalent to those rendered by hospitals, ensuring as well human, social and psychological support, considering 360 degrees health. Home environment and family support, indeed, bring to deal with the disease in more peaceful psycho-physical conditions.

Fondazione ANT raises about 22 million euro every year and only a 17% of the income is due to public sources.

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