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Kazakhstan to China
(15 July 2014 - 15 August 2014)
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Around the world 2014→2015

We leave from Almaty passing through Kazakhstan going northward, we arrive to Russia and we make a long parable, then descending along a route which crosses, from the steppe of Central Asia, a vast area formerly dominated by the fierce Mongol Empire. We are travelling through places that have always fascinated the Western imagination. These are the territories where Genghis Khan in the 13th Century set the terms and conquered Beijing heading his people, bypassing the Great Wall of China.

These are the same places where later on his grandson Kublay Khan founded a new dynasty and looked for allies and advisers among the many foreigners who came to China in those years: Christian missionaries and European merchants, including Marco Polo, who was given by Kublay Khan the government of Hangzhong province. Every journey is enchanting, here however we go through places where space and time come together and charm is the result of a perfect combination of landscape and history.


We go further, running along the Gobi desert that covers most part of inner Mongolia and from North to South we cross the whole China. Here we experience an uncountable variety of landscapes and climates while the wide distances and the ethnic and cultural differences represent undoubtedly one of the most interesting challenges of the trip. It’s hard to imagine what China, suspended between past and an overwhelming present, is able to give; it still remains however and almost by definition a mystery.

In the end, once arrived in the area of the southern border, we go again eastward and crossing the Cantonese region, mostly occupied by plains and hills, we reach the goal of this second path the city where "East meets West": Hong Kong.

Around The World 2014→2015 supports the "Afghanistan Project" helping in the fundraising through the purchase of part of the journey with payments that will be made directly to the bank account of Emergency without mediation. Our trip around the world can also be an opportunity for you.

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Around The World 2014→2015
the campaign "Afghanistan Project" supported by Emergency on the Right to Food.


«Mabin is 5 months pregnant. She was at home in Musa Qala - in southern Afghanistan- when combats began nearby. Mabin walked out the door to call two of her daughters who were out there: she was afraid that they could have been involved in the fighting. Just outside the door, she was hit in the abdomen by stray bullet. Her relatives immediately took her to our first-aid center in the village. We stabilized her and we moved her to our war victims hospital in Lashkar-gah, where we operated. Mabin and her baby are now fine.

Mabin is one of the many victims of the war that since 2001 is lacerating Afghanistan. Mabin is also one of the many victims healed by Emergency throughout the country. Since 1999 has been active in Afghanistan and has built and managed a surgical and medical center and a maternity Center in the Panshir Valley, a surgical center in Kabul and a surgical center in Lashkargah, in the province of Helmand.

Emergency also carries out a program of medical assistance to the inmates of the largest prisons in the country and has set up a network of 28 First Aid Posts and health centers. Afghanistan joined the Pediatrics and Heart Surgery program of Emergency: 23 heart patients – selected by our international cardiologists – have been operated for free in the Heart Surgery Center in Salam Khartoum, Sudan. In 2012 the Afghan Ministry of Health financed about 20% of the Afghanistan Program’ total cost.

Since 1999 to this day, EMERGENCY treated 3,572,664 people in Afghanistan. Emergency is an Italian Association, independent and neutral, founded in 1994 in order to provide free and high-quality medical and surgical treatments to victims of wars, landmines and poverty.

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