The Project


Around The World 2014→2015

Third stage of a journey started in 2009 and continued in 2012, Around the world 2014-2015 brings to an end a travel experience that also aims to be an original way of looking at the world. It’s not just an adventure, a showdown or an organizational challenge. This is a proposal for a unique journey, split up into seven different experiences. Different for itinerary and participants, for time and places, but all gathered together by one purpose, one single objective.

We believe in imagination and in beautiful things made with passion. But above all we believe in people and in their ability to fulfill projects and realize their dreams. "Around the world" 2015 involves communication and image professionals and people enthusiastic for a journey that implies a multiple point of view and various perspectives. An inspired journey aroused by the will of meeting new realities and directed to humanitarian aid and raising of ethics, aesthetics and consciousness in travelling as well as  the ecological awareness of the environment.

Beyond the great organizational commitment, all this deals simply with a human experience. An experience of cooperation, solidarity and spirit of adventure. A journey to be made, obviously and first of all, inside of ourselves.

Philosophy of the project 7milamiglialontano


the journey, adventure, new experiences


The humanitarian aid to sensitize and to raise funds for 7 humanitarian associations: Fondazione Ant, Emergency, Amici della Zizzi, Casa delle Donne, Coopi, Cesvi e Centro Aiuti per l’Etiopia.


the organization, photography, realization of the photo book and of the film

the experience of 7milamiglialontano


From Mysore [India] to Brescia driving four Royal Enfield motorbikes and a pik-up aiming at raising awareness, promoting and collecting funds for an association that helps Indian "jhoty Nilaya children.


From Brescia to Kathmandu on a pik-up to be delivered at the Maleku hospital in Nepal directing the fund raising to the association "Friends of the Monte Rosa".

The route of 7MML around the world 2014→2015

Italy - Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - China

Canada - Panama

Panama - Bolivia

Bolivia- Argentina

South Africa - Ethiopia

Ethiopia- Italy

7MML - Around The World 2014→2015

Giuliano Radici - project-leader

Nicola Lucini - media management

Marco Bariselli - project administration